Proven Track Record

Recruitment & staffing success since 2005.

BeachHead has been a leading niche recruitment and staffing firm since 2005, representing both contract and permanent opportunities. We have a proven track record of exceptional quality and timely delivery.

BeachHead is highly regarded by both job seekers and employers in our core sectors of Banking, Finance and Capital Markets. Our goal is to supply “Best in Class” contractors and permanent staff to companies in these areas.

Simply put, our success is your success.

High Touch Recruiting

We take the time to understand your business.

BeachHead has the straightforward aim of providing our customers, clients, and consultants with high touch / high quality service.

Clients are supported by our Practice Managers and a Professional Recruiting Team. Practice Managers have experience in both business and IT delivery and are chartered with understanding the client’s business, technology, delivery mandates and culture. The Practice Manager works in tandem with BeachHead’s Professional Recruiting Team to ensure the BeachHead methodology is fully delivered.

We have the ability, know-how and resources to conduct flexible custom searches to meet the unique needs of our consultants and clients, ensuring the right fit for the right job.

Areas of Specialization

Experts in recruiting specialized, hard to find talent.

Our team of recruiters understands your business, your technology and delivery challenges. We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Investment Banking / Capital Markets / Finance
  • Technology
  • Middle Office and Front Office
  • Finance Consulting – Workforce Trends, Workforce Communication and Change Management

BeachHead’s extensive professional network consistently provides us with access to top talent in all of our verticals.

Time & Speed

Up-to-date candidate profiles.

BeachHead is exclusively focused on Banking, Finance, and Capital Markets. Our database has taken 10 years to build with our clients in mind. The database is constantly being refreshed with updated profile information and new candidates.

Client Intellectual Property (IP)

BeachHead’ goal is to know your business intimately – your technology, your business, and most importantly your culture. We maintain an awareness of your organization’s large initiatives and spending patterns. We are constantly “pre-targeting” our candidate pool to ensure an alignment with your staffing requirements. Our efforts ensure we have the right candidates at the right time.

Headhunting / recruitment.

If suitable candidates are not in our database, or available on the open market, our Professional Recruiting Team targets and “headhunts” appropriate candidates. This usually does not add tangible time to a candidate search – because of our focus on the Finance / Banking / Capital Markets sectors, target candidates are usually already identified through other market searches.

BeachHead trained recruiters.

BeachHead’s Professional Recruiting Team members are subject matter experts in Finance, Banking, and Capital Markets in both technology and business. We take an aggressive but professional approach to all job requisitions. We do not rely simply on email and voicemail while recruiting; we use these tools, but we aggressively head hunt the right individuals. This approach reduces time significantly for difficult searches.

At BeachHead we provide comprehensive tools, training and management oversight to our Professional Recruiting Team to ensure timely delivery of quality candidates.

Quality & Price

10 years of rate data.

Our candidate database (Applicant Tracking System) is built on over 10 years of historical candidate and job data, ensuring the candidates we put forth will meet your pricing expectations.

Comprehensive screening process.

Every candidate is screened by a minimum of two BeachHead Professional Recruiting Team members before submission to the client, ensuring the individual meets or exceeds the requested skills, experience and price.

Marketing your opportunity to the right fit.

BeachHead’s goal is to know our clients, and our Recruiting Team has been trained on how to professionally promote our clients in the marketplace. Top candidates are not always actively seeking new opportunities; candidates need a reason to entertain a new contract. BeachHead provides them with sound justification through professional and compelling client insight.

Risk Reduction

Candidate oversight.

We reduce risk through a higher level of screening. Each candidate is screened by a minimum of two trained BeachHead Recruitment Experts to ensure risk is managed.

Anytime, anywhere candidate database.

BeachHead knows the candidates in our client markets – their history, price, expertise and reliability. These are all factors that are evaluated before presenting a job opportunity to a candidate.

In addition, our database (Applicant Tracking System) is secure, and web-based, ensuring our Recruitment Team has access to “anytime, anywhere” candidate information. This ensures uptime throughout the recruitment process and directly benefits our speed and quality in finding the best candidates.

Ongoing client communication.

When a search is difficult and there is a limited candidate pool, we work closely with the hiring manager to broker this challenge and make recommendations on how to secure top talent.

HR Solutions

Search services to meet your HR needs.

BeachHead is committed to providing the best experience possible for all our clients. We offer several different service levels to meet your needs:

Retained Search

  • Executives
  • Directors
  • Managers

Contingency Search

  • Permanent Employees
  • Contract Consultants

Project Based Contracts

  • customized for each client
  • flexible solutions tailored for you, your organization and your search

Contact us today to discuss your HR needs.