Posted June 25, 2018

Big Data Certifications-You Should Care About

Big data is significantly influencing the technology sector. If you work in IT as a Developer or Business Analyst, you’re probably wondering, about adding big data certifications to keep your knowledge current. Read on if you want to learn about the best certifications and if they are worth your time.

Big data Certifications You Should Care About

We are witnessing an explosion in the hiring of Big Data Professionals. According to the data collected by us over years of professional IT recruitment, this is bound to increase in future. As an IT professional, you have to constantly update and upgrade your skills to be highly relevant to organizations. You can achieve that by focusing on big data certification programs. Certifications are important, as they not only keep you updated with best practices and technologies, but they also give you an edge over other candidates. Here are the most relevant Big Data Certifications that managers love:

Amazon Web Services Big Data Specialty Certification

AWS Certification will help you demonstrate your knowledge of AWS ecosystem. A large number of data engineering jobs with large enterprises in the retail, finance and insurance sectors require you to work on the cloud. Thus, a related certification will increase the demand for your skills.  Certifications also help you validate your technical knowledge and experience with credentials that are recognized all over the industry. This certification requires you to have around five years of complex data analysis experience along with other AWS associate certifications. The certification will validate your ability to implement core AWS big data services according to best practices, design and maintain big data along with leveraging tools to conduct big data analysis. What’s more, you can also go through the training and take sample tests online at their website.

Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP)

Cloudera is one of the top companies building professional deployment and support of Hadoop. As a CCP Data Engineer, you can demonstrate that you possess the skill sets required to develop reliable, autonomous, and scalable data pipelines; that result in optimized data sets for an assortment of workloads. It also certifies that you can perform core competencies required to ingest, transform, store and analyze data in Cloudera’s Distribution environment. Apart from the CCP data engineer certification, Cloudera offers other programs like CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer, CCA Data Analyst, and CCA Administrator.

Cloudera also provides on-demand online training, that can prepare you before taking up the certification. A lot of our clients in the information technology and financial industry require the big data professionals to demonstrate the technical knowledge and skills in using Hadoop and Spark. Cloudera is one of the foremost certifications to showcase your talent.

Hortonworks Apache Hadoop and Big Data Certification

Both Hortonworks and Cloudera certify that you have worked in the Big Data industry, have retained your knowledge and are familiar with the best practices of the Data Analysis and Development. Hortonworks Certification primarily tests your practical Hadoop knowledge of data ingestion, data transformation, and data analysis. The Certification helps hiring managers to identify candidates who can work in Hadoop environment from day 1. As a result, it can boost your chances of getting recruited.  There are 5 Hadoop certifications provided by Hortonworks.

You can choose from HDP Certified Developer, HDP Certified Apache Spark Developer, Hortonworks Dataflow Certified NIFI Architect, HDP Certified Administrator and Hortonworks Certified Associate. Some of the certifications are for basic level training, others certify you as an advanced Hadoop professional. You can also choose from their wide range of online training courses according to your Hadoop experience.

Microsoft Azure Big Data Certification

Microsoft Azure Big Data Certification is designed specifically for Big Data professionals that work with HD Insight. It’s a Microsoft service that deploys and provisions Apache Hadoop clusters in the Azure cloud and analytics solutions on Azure. This MCSA certification course teaches you the skills you need, to engineer data on Azure with HDInsight and Cloud Services. The certification will test your knowledge on designing and building analytics and operations solutions on Azure, along with the implementation of Big Data engineering workflows on HDInsight.

Microsoft recommends you have relevant work experience in data engineering across Azure.  Experience includes Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Lake, Azure Stream and Azure Data Factory. You should also be familiar with batch data, real-time data, and interactive processing.


There you go! Now that you have our recommended certifications, you can begin your learning journey. However, remember that choosing the correct certification depends upon a lot of factors like the preference of your industry or employer, the cost, and your interest of specialization. Hiring Managers are more interested in your knowledge and personality in addition to certifications.

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