Posted August 30, 2022

5 Remarkable Stress Relieving Tips for the Office

5 Remarkable Stress Relieving Tips for the Office 1

Experiences of stress in the workplace are widespread. Many people are unsure how to adequately approach healthy adjustments in their work routines to make the changes necessary to reduce stress. Although workplace stress comes in different levels and forms of severity, a low level of stress can benefit your productivity. However, when stress levels become too high, it can be detrimental to your workplace performance. 

Before delving into some proven tips on reducing stress in the workplace, there are many familiar sources of stress, which, when understood, can help determine the areas which cause the most stress in your job. 

Common Sources of Stress

  • Long work hours
  • Busy work hours
  • Lack of distinction between home and work-life
  • Interpersonal conflict in the workplace
  • Lack of control
  • Low Salary
  • No Room for Growth

If one, several, or another factor leads to a stressful workplace for yourself, you are not alone. The following are several tips that can hopefully aid you in reducing your feelings of stress from your job. 

Tip 1: Track When You’re Stressed

The first helpful tip for reducing stress is to track the times at which you feel high levels of stress and low levels of stress. To improve your stress levels, you must first understand what moments lead to high levels of stress. Moreover, you must equally understand what leads you to feel lower levels of stress. With this understanding, you can adequately apply techniques to the areas of your work life which are in the highest need of stress relief. 

Tip 2: Take Micro-Breaks & Multi-Tasking

When you have a fully packed day of high-energy tasks, whether mental or physical, can lead to both exhaustion and stress. During these times, you must remember that it’s crucial to take micro-breaks between tasks, even just a few minutes, to give your mind the rest period it needs to perform at its best. Furthermore, if possible, attempt to mitigate multi-tasking as it can lead to increased stress. By doing one task at a time, your day can be better organized, and your brain is less likely to get exhausted. 

Tip 3: Set Workplace Boundaries at Home

As stated earlier, having an unclear distinction between a home and work life can increase your stress levels. This factor is especially amplified for those working at home, as the office and home are in the same location. Whether this is the route of your stresses or not, setting strict boundaries between your home and work life can be highly beneficial for receiving breaks between the pressures of your job. Moreover, boundaries are also helpful for fostering strong personal relationships with partners, friends, and family. 

Tip 4: Attempt to Stay Away from Conflict

Whether it be a conflict with a supervisor, on a team, or simply workplace gossip, interpersonal conflict plays a prominent role in an individual’s comfort level in the workplace, and in turn, their stress levels while performing workplace tasks. Suppose you are experiencing avoidable workplace conflict, attempt to stay away from gossip and toxic behaviours that make you uncomfortable. However, often avoidance is more straightforward said than done. So, if you find yourself unable to escape interpersonal problems in the workplace, try having an open line of communication with the necessary parties to absolve this stressor. 

Tip 5: Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

When a job gets busy and stresses increase, the last thing you want to do is set aside time to exercise or make a healthy meal. However, both healthy eating and living play a prominent role in the human body’s capacity to handle high-stress levels. Often healthy habits can help you cope with stress and feel better both inside and outside the office. 


Hopefully, these five tips on reducing stress in the workplace can help you manage your stress levels more effectively. Just remember that workplace stress is normal, and you are not alone; however, you do not have to settle for a stressful work life as stress can always be mitigated.

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