Posted June 8, 2020

Tips for working remotely: 3 pillars to stay productive

Tips for working remotely-3 Pillars to stay productive

For many, work-life balance challenges and staying productive is a constant struggle even while there is a distinct separation between one’s place of work and personal life. However, as outbreaks of a COVID-19 have reached a global scale, many companies have chosen to alter their workplace procedures, and for many employees, this requires working remotely. As a result, the distinction between work and personal life has become more challenging and many have had to find new ways of working to meet standard levels of productivity.

For these reasons, we have collected a list of tips to follow which will help you stay productive while working remotely. The following have been organized under the three main pillars which we believe will create a working environment that will not just emulate, but augment your previous levels of productivity. 


Creating a designated workspace is our first tip to enhancing productivity while working remotely as it is a function of recreating an office space which reduces distractions and sets focus. A remote workspace can be difficult to create as many live in small apartments or have families or roommates which all play roles in the kind of workspace which can be created. If designating a separate office for work is not possible, our tip is to create a space as similar as possible. It is important to work at a desk or a table; as opposed to a bed or couch. Keep away from living spaces with distractions such as televisions or people. Create boundaries with those around you so family or friends understand that despite being home, you cannot be disrupted during the workday. 

Once a workspace is located it may be valuable to invest in some noise-cancelling headphones/earbuds. Many find music a valuable tool for focusing, while others may just need to cancel out background noise to create a level of silence. If video chat has become a regular workplace tool, it may also be valuable to invest in a high quality-video camera. As a tip, it is also extremely important to clear up your background from any items that may lack professionalism. This may include, unmade beds, dirty kitchens, people walking in the background, etc; because although there’s a certain level of understanding for people’s situations, you must always present yourself in the best light and during remote-working this includes your home. 

Along the same line, it is also valuable to de-clutter your workspace as many see this as a function to reduce frustrations and anxiety, as well an attempt to emulate the feeling of working in an office as opposed to home. This, combined with our previous tips, will truly help you stay productive while working remote.


After the development of a solid remote workspace, it is then vital to focus on a workday schedule which keeps yourself working productively for not too little or too much time. A morning routine is one of our most valuable tips for making use of the day even while working remotely. It is vital to wake up at the same time each day, get dressed, drink coffee, eat breakfast, read the news, etc. Just as you would on a normal office-workday to feel prepared and awake to start the day. Although it is tempting to roll out of bed and work in one’s pyjamas all day, this is detrimental to your ability to be productive as it inhibits the day from ever starting and the brain is never told to truly invest itself in a day’s work. 

After a morning routine has been solidified, the day must proceed at a preset schedule. Ensure that you begin work at the same time each morning, take lunch at the same time, and end work at the same time. Occasionally take ten-minute breaks, go for a walk if possible, make sure you remain moving because working remote can make yourself feel cooped up. For many, the struggle with working remotely is staying focused, while for others, it is not getting too consumed in one’s work. Our last tip to create a productive schedule is to set a to-do list each day or even further, set hour by hour tasks to keep organized. 


Mindset, the last pillar, is arguably our most important tip as it encompasses the mental aspect of remaining productive especially while working remotely. Both an effective workspace and schedule are simply functions to enhance your ability to feel as if you are truly at work and ready to be productive. However, this is not possible without continuous and conscious effort to engage yourself in your own productivity.

This brings us to our last tip, be reflective, notice what is going wrong and going right while working remotely. Praise yourself on good days and understand what created success. On bad days, think about what went wrong and create an action plan to reduce its frequency. Again, productivity is largely a mental task, being engaged in one’s ability to be productivity will reap success and keep yourself from feeling unmotivated and unfocused.  


With the use of these three pillars and the application of our tips, you will be able to overcome any challenges while working remotely and stay productive even among adversity.

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